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Doing more with the cloud

Cloud Solutions

Higher Resolutions is proud to be a Microsoft Partner and offer Office 365 products for your needs.  Lets face it, the days of email being down being an acceptable excuse are past as people always expect us to be connected.  Now, have all your tools available online for a reasonable cost!  Stat tuned to see all our cloud products coming soon!

Cloud Solutions: Feature

What We Offer

Cloud Solutions: Feature

One stop shop for all things Microsoft

Microsoft Licensing

Anyone who has had any dealing with Microsoft products (and who hasn't) can understand how incredibly complex Microsoft's product offering can be.  This is for a good reason, as Microsoft offers a plethora of options and does not impose a "one size fits all" attitude on is customers.  The down side to this benefit is that it can take a good long time to find the solution that fits your specific needs.  This is where Higher Resolutions excels!  Understanding that your individual needs are critical and that providing upgrade paths for future growth are just two of the ways we put the Value into the VAR relationship.  You might also think this premium services comes at a premium price, but you will be pleasantly surprised!.


Added Flexibility and Functionality

Contact and Calendar Sync

Many People don't understand some of the subtle changes from an on premise email solution (Excahange Server) and cloud based solutions.  One such gap that come into focus is that you may find yourself pleased with all the new features but still missing some of the intuitive features  you thought would be there.  One such gap is the lack of contracts, calendars and pictures you have in your Active directory that are no longer on your mobile devices.  Addressing the gap, and indeed, surpassing the gap to include features you many not have even realized possible, CiraSync has cloud based software that give you Calendars, Contacts, profile Pictures and so much more.  Incredibly easy to setup and use, Higher Resolutions is proud to partner in with this leading solutions provider to give your end users a more feature rich experience while giving you admins a simple way of keeping information up to date.   We much be upfront  with some of the potentials Cons however.... you will no longer be able to tell you CEO you didn't know it was him calling at 2 am.....


The must add for security conscious companies

The Ultimate in Email Protection

One complete highly efficient protection umbrella for all email-borne threats including ransomware and spear phishing. Very easy to manage solution with a high catch-rate and a low FP rate backed by quick and competent support.  While Office 365 does do some Junk and spam filtering, ZeroSpam is in a league of its own.


A name you trust

Moblie Device Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM) using IBM MaaS360 with Watson gives you visibility and control of iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows devices. Our intuitive portal enables you to get the most out of MDM without the hassle.  Simple to use but loaded with options, a safe bet for anyone wanted more granular control of mobile assets.

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