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IT Products for Your Every Need

What you Need

When we started Higher Resolutions, we wanted to stay product agnostic and ensure our solutions were not influenced by sales ambitions.  While we still stand behind the integrity of solutions, we recognize that sometimes  you want a turn key solution and solid competitive pricing. For this reason, we have included some of the products we recommend and sell below.  Please be aware that we offer a much larger variety then what you see, simply request more information and what  you are looking for and we will be happy to get pricing and availability.

Products: Feature

Pure Storage

One of our Top SAN solutions

We are proud to offer the top of the line Storage solution on the market.  You may ask "Why PURE has been a consistant Gartner leader for years?"  Well, the answer should not surprise you.  Simplicity, Ease of Management and Configuration, Ease of Ordering and Supporting, and Efficiency.  What else can you expect from Pure?

  • Software and Hardware Resiliency

  • Non-Disruptive Everything

  • Production Runtime and Availability

  • Performance

  • Consistent Latency at Extreme Performance Levels.

  • No performance tuning required. 

  • Overall Cost per $GB or 100% flash at the cost of disk

  • Low Power/ Cooling Costs


Extreme Networks

Solid Network Products

You can't have a quality high performance network without high quality network equipment.  When it comes to the biggest bang for your dollar, many of our customers choose Extreme.  We still offer up the best hardware solutions for the project and customer at hand, we just lead Extreme reliability performance and key.  We are also proud to recommend and implement Cisco products where they serve a better fit.


Power - UPS

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Who doesn't need more power?  What is more important than more power?  Quality and availability of the power you have is more important!  No one misses power until it goes out, and if you wait to test and develop your contingency plans until after you have those outages, you are too late.   The best networks won't perform if they are not properly fed, and as such, power planning and buy the proper backup power is key to any business that can't be down for any extended period.  As such, Higher Resolutions often finds ourselves specifying and/or implementing high quality power systems such as those manufactored by companies like Eaton Power Systems.

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